Trump must work well with Congress

Trump must work well with Congress

Republicans lost two seats but retained control of the U.S. Senate on Tuesday as their presidential nominee, Donald Trump, captured the White House. Some never fell in line.

On top of that, the NY real estate businessman and former reality television celebrity, who will head the world's most powerful government and largest economy, has no governing experience.

Mr Trump also has common ground with House Republicans that tax and regulation should be reduced.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell largely kept Trump at arm's length for much of the year. Two California House races remained too close to call Wednesday morning, according to the Associated Press, but incumbents held leads in both races.

Ryan and McConnell both pledged to deal quickly with the law. They also held on to their majorities in chambers in several states that had been targeted by the Democrats, and apparently gained a tie in the previously Democratic-controlled Connecticut Senate.

Other issues might be more contentious within the party.

While Ryan has never expressed support for Trump's signature policy proposal of building a "big, beautiful" wall on the U.S. -Mexico border, he told Baier that "you have to have physical barriers on the border".

"I may have taken issue with some of the rhetoric on the campaign trail", Republican Gov. Susana Martinez said in a statement. And he said the new president was free to negotiate trade pacts.

With this week's election, the Republican Party has strengthened its control of state legislatures and will control 34 governorships as well.

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Democrats went into Election Day only holding trifectas in seven states - their lowest totals since the Civil War (when the country was 15 states fewer). And although Republicans control the House, they will have only 52 seats in the 100-member Senate next year, well short of the 60 votes needed to advance most legislation.

"Here in ME, we bucked the national trend by winning a majority in the House, increasing our numbers in the Senate and re-electing Chellie Pingree and winning many down-ballot races", said Bartlett in a written statement.

As he left the Capitol, Trump was asked about his legislative priorities. They added a sixth in a race not targeted with high spending. It is imperative that the harsh rhetoric of the election campaign be put behind us. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Centre estimated that Mr Trump's plan would cut federal revenue by US$6.2 trillion (S$8.7 trillion) over the next decade.

"After eight years of the Obama administration, the American people have chosen a new direction for our nation".

Now that Trump is the president-elect, Ryan appeared friendly and gracious as they met, first over lunch and then in his Capitol office. Senate Democrats will be able to use procedural tactics to block some, but not all, Republican agenda items.

In one indication of hardball politics, Baker - the chief of the Senate GOP political committee - told reporters this week that "We're not done yet with Evan Bayh", the former Democratic Indiana senator who lost a bid this week to return to the chamber.

There is also the question of where congressional Republicans' agenda will divert from Trump's.

It was initially unclear what impact the marginally smaller size of the GOP majority would have on Ryan, who'd angered some Republican lawmakers by refusing to campaign for Trump.

"There were some voters on the more progressive or more extreme side of the Democratic Party who just didn't find themselves in a comfort level voting for Hillary Clinton", Champion said.