Here's What Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Said in Her Concession Call

Here's What Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Said in Her Concession Call

"Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country", he said.

"The only reason Trump "won" is because of the Electoral College", the petition explains.

Throngs of people - among them families and children - rallied late Friday in New York's Washington Square carrying banners reading "Peace and Love" and 'Your wall can't stand in our way.' Local media estimated a turnout of some 4,000 protesters.

Especially for those who felt attacked during his campaign. Among the less than 3 in 10 with a positive view of the federal government, three-fourths voted for Clinton.

On the Syrian conflict, however, Trump indicated a possible sharp shift away from Obama administration policy.

Of the same 29%, when asked about the concerns and fears about the nominees, once again Trump came out on top garnering 49% with just 29% opting to vote for Clinton.

The first lady hosted the soon-to-be first lady for tea and a tour of the White House residence, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in the White House briefing.

Clinton's vices were more worrisome than Trump's to Leonard.

GOP Leaders Make Peace With Trump In Favor Of 'Unified Republican Government'
The buttoned-down speaker is the party's top policy wonk, and he openly criticized Trump throughout the campaign. Ryan also said Republicans were unifying as Election Day draws near. "I don't worry about intraparty issues".

It was (yet another) Republican who this system first advantaged in 1876: Rutherford B Hayes won out by just one electoral college vote, despite more than 250,000 fewer ballots being cast for him than his main opponent, Samuel J Tilden. Less than an hour later, Trump had gathered enough electoral votes to win the election. About the same proportion anxious most about foreign policy, and 6 in 10 of them chose Clinton.

A majority of voters in California, the largest state in the country, voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

He did say, though, that he would rely heavily on his vice president-elect, Mike Pence, who had a decade of experience in Congress before becoming Indiana's governor.

President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday refused to let a group of journalists travel with him to cover his historic first meeting with President Barack Obama, breaking a long-standing practice meant to ensure the public has a watchful eye on the nation's leader. Donald Trump is going to be our president.

That means that Clinton's lead will nearly certainly grow in the coming days, as it has since election night. Yet to echo Hillary Clinton in her gracious concession speech Wednesday, "We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead".

Women gained the right to vote in the United States in 1920.

The survey of 2,972 Iowa voters was conducted for AP and the television networks by Edison Research.