Facebook declares users dead, including Mark Zuckerberg

The mistake comes just days after Facebook was accused of helping influence the result of the United States election by allowing fake new stories to be shared on the social network.

Links to learn more about memorized accounts and using the legacy setting on Facebook accompanied the message, as is the case on all memorialized profiles.

As per the latest statistics published in the media, almost two million wayward commemorations were posted on profile pages in which Mark Zuckerberg was also included. The thing is, I'm not dead, and neither are the many other people being served this message on Facebook. Showing a proof of death is part of this process. Facebook said it had introduced a new message for memorialized pages and accidentally displayed it on the accounts of around 2 million living users.

Most of the Facebook users took to Twitter to report about this odd mistake. Because these stories were disproportionately pro-Trump (inaccurately claiming, for example, that the Pope had endorsed Trump and that an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent involved in investigating Hillary Clinton had been murdered), that has caused some people to wonder if Facebook itself had contributed to Trump's victory.

Mark Zuckerberg has been facing criticism this week over Facebook's alleged role in helping Trump win the presidency.

"Atomic annihilation happens January 21st".

Trump must work well with Congress
Senate Democrats will be able to use procedural tactics to block some, but not all, Republican agenda items. Mr Trump also has common ground with House Republicans that tax and regulation should be reduced.

"Naturally, Facebook waited until 2016 to kill us all", @kriheli tweeted. The social network does have a feature that turns a profile into a "Memorial" once they've passed upon request.

Zuckerberg, who was not dead, defended the New Feed stories integrity while onstage in California the night prior to being memorialized online.

He rejected the idea that bogus stories shared at the social network paved a path of victory for Trump.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, and it is one that easily provides its users the latest news.

CrowdTangle confirmed the acquisition in a message on its Web site.